“Where Creativity Inspires the Mind”

Dear Parent:


We are extremely excited about the upcoming summer! Thank you for considering G's Summer Camp - GSC as a part of your family's summer!  We intend to provide you with the greatest return on the investment you make in your child's life this summer.    G's Summer camp  is definitely a special place.  Campers can grow; discover new abilities and develop friendships that will last a lifetime.  Your child will develop a rock solid new found confidence; by creating a foundation, we are assisting them in becoming successful in all they do.  


We intend to make summer camp a wonderful memory for campers. That means we pay close attention to the quality and tone of each day and each week:

  • Safety for your child at every level - physical, emotional, spiritual, mental;
  • Staff who love being with kids, who care about the well-being of your precious treasures, who are well trained and can be counted upon to be the kind of role models parents appreciate;
  • Activities that provide campers with great new experiences, great leaders, and great equipment.
  • Facilities and food that continually get top marks from campers and parents.


We intend that after Summer Camp your child will have more than just new stories to tell or new friendships to continue or a new interest to pursue.   Our mission is to provide campers the opportunity to develop self- esteem / confidence; learn life skills including responsibility; develop skills through activities that they may only have a chance to do at camp.   We strive as a goal to make camp a fun, active, life-learning experience for all of our campers. The camp mission is achieved by providing challenging, fun activities such as swimming, sports, arts and crafts, dance, field trips and much more.

Wonderful Memories

G's Summer Camp is full of discovery and adventure - Experience the warmth of a place many call their second home. We hope to be a part of your summer!


Patty Marquez

Camp Director